Occlusal Appliances

A misaligned bite, bruxism (teeth grinding), and other factors can put stress on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). TMJ disorders can be the source of a variety of painful symptoms, from headaches to ear and neck pain. When the jaw joints are not properly seated, the associated muscles over work and become fatigued and swollen, putting stress on local nerves. This condition, known as TMJ disorder, or TMD, which can cause pain and discomfort across the body, including the jaw, mouth, face, ears, neck, shoulders and back. 

Our highly qualified team of dentists have a number of non-invasive TMJ treatment options available to you which can effectively manage a range of TMJ disorders. Other therapies include exercises, stress reduction, habit cessation (stopping clenching, grinding and biting nails) and in serious cases that don't respond these conservative treatment options, surgery may be recommended by referral to a specialist.


We offer a range of dental appliances for the treatment of sleep disorders, including the most clinically-proven mandibular advancement splint available. We also believe in the holistic approach that GPs prescribe which includes weight loss, reduced intake of certain substances (coffee, nicotine, alcohol etc) and the ideal sleep position. However, too often the sufferer, or their bed partner, isn't aware that their dentist can play a large role in the treatment of these conditions and how effective a mandibular advancement splint can be. Our dentists will be happy to discuss the most appropriate options available to help you have a restful nights sleep again.