Tooth Wear


Tooth wear is affecting increasing numbers of the population. In the past, treatment of teeth affected by moderate to severe tooth wear often involved unnecessary extractions, preparation of teeth for crowns or even orthodontics which is now not required in the majority of cases.


Our dentists are highly trained in the contemporary treatment of tooth wear and have the clinical expertise to place highly cosmetic and functional restorations.


Composite Bonding

Contemporary treatment of tooth wear is managed by direct bonding of resin composite to the worn surfaces of the teeth. These restorations are all carefully placed by hand, often without the need for any anaesthetic or drilling, and they replace the tooth's original shape and anatomy. The advantages of this technique are that it is minimally invasive, is cost effective, it carries a high degree of patient satisfaction and long term success.


At Forty One Dental we manage the full spectrum of tooth wear from just one tooth through to the complex full-mouth restoration of severe cases. Our dentists will be happy to discuss this treatment option with you in more detail.